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Chengdu is also one of a hand full of Chinese cities that still has its original name was given to it over 2300 years ago. A clue to why its name is still unchanged might be in the translation of the word Chengdu itself with it meaning Hibiscus city. And it quickly becomes evident to why its named so with Hibiscus trees around every corner in the city to this day.

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In principle, and unless forbidden by law, identification of persons involved in a case (accused, party in a civil case, witness, attorney, judge) contributes to the openness of legal proceedings and serves the public interest. In some circumstances we will be required by law or court order to refrain, at least for a time, from publishing the name or identity of certain persons involved. Prior to charges being laid, we may choose to publish the name or otherwise identify a crime victim, even though the information is not yet of a public nature.

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“Though I don’t agree with Bruce’s politics

high quality replica handbags On an episode of Katie Couric’s podcast released Thursday, Lewis confirmed that the former president and first lady optioned the rights to his book for a possible Netflix series through their new production company, Higher Ground Productions. It’s not a political statement.Spokeswoman for Higher Ground ProductionsA spokesman for Netflix declined to comment on the possible project.Earlier this year, a source familiar with the production deal told HuffPost that their first projects which could include a variety of movies and series, from children’s programming to documentaries would not appear on the streaming site until late 2019 at the earliest.The Obamas have kept busy in recent months, working on various policy initiatives. Later this month, the former first lady is set to publish a memoir, Becoming, before embarking on a multicity book tour in stadium venues.Over the last few weeks, she has also hit the campaign trail promoting her voter registration effort, urging voters to get to the polls for next Tuesday’s midterm elections.The former president, still perhaps Democrats’ best surrogate on the campaign trail, has stumped for some of the party’s midterm candidates. high quality replica handbags

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