Greens criticise snowy hydro priviatisation push

Greens criticise snowy hydro priviatisation push

The Greens have said the cost of the winter drought has caused the Government to make the decision to privatise power and the price for the electricity has gone up so much.

Mr Dutton and Treasurer Scott Morri바카라 게임son have defended the move by saying renewable energy had saved them billions.

But the Greens have slammed it.

In a statement on their website they wrote: “This is a serious and shameful abuse of power by the Prime Minister, which is simply not acceptable.”

But they said it meant wind and solar power would get more and more cheaper.

The Greens say that if the Government decided to privatise the Government owned electricity grid then it would be the largest carbon tax in the world.

A spokesman for the Liberal Party says Mr Dutton should listen to the experts.

“If the Prime Minister had a sense of humour then we would agree with them, he is clearly a serious person but to resort to some inappropriate means has got to stop, they are wrong on principle.”

The spokesman would not comment on what he believed would happen with the wind and solar industry and the pric007카지노ing of electricity.

“The decision will be a matter for the Government to take on its own responsibility to do what is fair and responsible.”

The spokesman says the Government will be making the final decision on the privatisation of the Government owned electricity market, which could see the price rise.

“We need to make the point that this move will not be a one off, this is not the last move.”

It comes after a review into the Government’s plan to privatise Australia’s electricity system was published영천출장안마 영천출장마사지 earlier this year.

It found that as of the end of this year power prices could rise by $1.5 billion, or 30 per cent.