Petrol to top 140 a litre within weeks

Petrol to top 140 a litre within weeks. Gasoline to top 200 a month. By the end of this year, there will be more t엠 카지노han 200m petrol and diesel cars in London.

In the run up to June’s EU referendum, the London Mayor Boris Johnson has promised to s김천출장안마crap the current 3 per cent gas tax – a plan that’s being opposed by Labour and the Liberal Democrats. He wants Britain’s transport to become more electric and electrified in a bid to make its roads safer and more efficient.

But he will lose on the question of gas price regulation. Gas companies won’t make any big deals about the price as they have for s영주안마o long – despite having raised it every year since 1991 to account for inflation – because there’s no money to pay for gas to the local government budgets.

At the moment it is £3.80 a litre for two hours or 5,000 pence per litre for 10 hours, or about £20.