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“He’s made a mistake. He made a mistake by not going to the press conference, which I felt was really stupid,” Spicer told reporters as he left after the press conference.

On Wednesday afternoon, he tweeted that he was not involved in the discussions: “I’m not involved. I’m just saying what’s out there.”

He later denied the statements, tweeting: “I made the exact same statement on the day before the press conference.”

After the press conference, Spicer said he would answer questions before the Easter holiday weekend.

At his Wednesday news conference, he said Spicer had “a great relationship” with the president and praised his “effort” to speak to the media.

He also claimed there is “an unbreakable bond” between Trump and the White House, saying the president “loves having the press in the White House. I love hearing from him. He doesn’t think there’s any other way.”

He said there is “zero communication” between the White House and the media: “We’re having conversations but we’re not communicating.

“We don’t even talk to one another.”

Spicer’s comments appeared to undercut the White House press secretary’s assertions that the president doesn’t know much of anything about media coverage and that media coverage does an undue amount to unde온카지노rmine his White House performance.

The president, in turn, attacked the press on Twitter, questioning the independence of news organizations and attacking “the failing @nytimes & @washingtonpo시흥안마st카지노!”

He said that he could see “no reason why the @nytimes would have a problem” with covering him — a reference to the Washington Post. Trump also went after NBC, saying in the wake of the news conference he is in a “very good mood.”

Spicer’s comments follow the Tuesday resignation of White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci over questions about his relationships with other senior White House aides.

As Trump’s first press conference since assuming office, Scaramucci was fired after he was caught talking about his own contacts with Russian officials.

Scaramucci, who had served as communications director before the transition, claimed the meeting with the president occurred when he was a private citizen but was “mischaracterized.”

Scaramucci told NBC News on Wednesday that he did not have the meeting and called Trump’s claim a “lie.”

In his tweet to reporter