Concern bushfire messages not getting through, says Minister

Concern bushfire messages not getting through, says Minister


The Government is facing a new issue over bushfires not re청주출장안마aching critical mass, as warnings about the situation grow more frequent.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and his Climate Change Minister Greg Hunt have both been battling for control of the situation over the weekend, with Mr Turnbull facing a barrage of critical calls from some states and a number of towns concerned about smoke an카지노 게임d the health and safety of their residents.

Mr Turnbull is still trying to work out how he will respond to those calls, but he made his position clear today, as he announced the Government had decided to send smoke warning messages through the radio and TV networks to alert people of a potentially dangerous situation.

“We have decided to send smoke warning messages through the medium of radio and TV,” Mr Turnbull said.

“Because our concern is that people, by radio or TV, in particular, that people understand where this smoke is coming from or they can hear the smoke, that if it starts moving over populated areas, they can see the smoke, and so on — that we want to ensure that everyone knows the situation in advance.

“So it’s being done through radio and television at a very early stage.”

But after hundreds of messages, not all were successful, suggesting many states could be suffering a second wave of fires, the Government had made a second change, and said it would now send messages through radio and TV to warn of severe bushfire risks.

“It’s not going to be the traditional way. It’s not going to be through the medium of radio and TV, it’s going to be through the medium of the internet because we still don’t have a whole lot of information about the weather and conditions and the environment and also, of course, because of the increased threat of people being injured and the risk of bushfires spreading across, including into urban areas in those states and in some towns and cities, as is now occurring,” Mr Turnbull said.

“But this time we’re really determined that in those areas that are affected by fire and the environment in particular, we will use the power of the media to reach people earlier, get p우리 카지노eople alerted and more likely to come to a safe place.

“In those areas that are affected, we will be using our vast resources.”

In the weekend blaze across the northern state of Queensland and the north-east of western NSW the situation has been described as a “critical state”, with people living close to homes facing imminent deat