Wyong councillor questions appointment of former property developper as China expert

Wyong councillor questions appointment of former property developper as China expert


Chinese-speaking business consultant David Chiu has been appointed as Australia’s first chairwoman of the Chinese People’s Association (CPAC), which represents more than a million Chinese-speaking businesses from across Asia, the world’s sixth largest economy.

The CSIRO-funded body is not yet officially confirmed as a member of the CPAC but its new Chair, Ms Chen, will not take the post until a month after the Australian Government officially accepts the organisation’s membership.

This is not a government en창원 출장 안마dorsement but rather an invitation from Prime Minister Tony Abbott to the organisation’s Beijing-based chairperson Mr Chiu to take charge of the country’s China policy.

“There is a great deal of interest in the China issue in Australia and, with my background in business and experience, I think it would be very easy to become the next chair,” Mr Chiu said.

“I am a little bit lucky that there is so many Chinese-speakers, so many Chinese-businessmen, coming in for this opportunity.

“I think, for me, that’s really important.”

“That’s the right place to be, and also from my perspective, I have been very successful as a person, which probably is my biggest selling point in this용인안마 용인출장마사지 appointment, because a lot of these people don’t even really know me, and yet they come in as potential future leaders of Australia.”

He said he would “open a whole lot of doors” for the Chinese-Australian community in Australia.

“I think Australia’s history as a place of immigrants really runs deep and we’ve seen how important it is to integrate as many different ethnic groups, particularly Chinese-speaking,” Mr Chiu said.

“It would be nice to be able to use those relationships to get to a better understanding and understand China, which I believe will also become more of a positive.

“I think, for example, this new chair, I know this appointment is a long process and not everyone likes to hear it, but I think it would be the right time, because my own view in terms of the relationship between Australia and China, and whether we could work very closely together in Australia as China-Australia relations in the future여수출장마사지 여수출장안마, is also of interest to a lot of the Chinese-Australians here in Australia.”

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