Showdown in syrian town of Shatila

Showdown in syrian town of Shatila

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced this morning (January 11) that the US would continue to have an aerial surveillance zone on Russia’s northern borders. The US had also extended its presence in Syria for two months with the deployment of F-15s and a missile-carrying aircraft.

“The US Air Force has begun t화천출장샵o conduct reconnaissance flights over the western Syrian town of Shatila, while the Russian military has set up an aircraft monitoring station in the Syrian town of Albu Kamal to monitor possible military movements there,” the ministry said. “The US decision will continue to require Moscow to cooperate in conducting additional combat operations over Syria.”

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In late December, President Vladimir Putin announced the deployment of an F-15 jets and 30 S-400 air defense batteries to the area, which will allow the US to carry out “pre-planned attacks” at an “extended range”. The base will also be used to provide air surveillance of the area’s airports and supply points.

“The US decision to continue the US military presence in Syria for the time being will be approved by the Russian Federation’s State Duma on Thursday, February 9,” the Ministry of Defense said.

On Thursday, in order to defend its border with Syria, the Ukrainian Air Force conducted five가평안마 가평출장마사지 sorties near the border in a mission conducted under the “preparatory maneuver” and which “was considered an effective air defense measures.” Ukrainian officials claimed that the operation, which involved four Su-27s and a Su-24M “Phantom II,” destroyed five trucks carrying heavy arms and ammunition.

The United States and Russia have been actively conducting a military d강릉출장샵 강릉출장마사지rills for several years now, aimed at increasing mutual defense capabilities. They had held a joint exercise with the aim of destroying any potential threat to the Russian-American strategic partnership since the beginning of the current crisis. It is not the first time that military drills between the two countries have been held as well. In April 2017, US Army Captain Brian McInerney was arrested in Moscow after entering the Russian Federation on a mission without a legitimate travel visa. He was later charged for espionage, and held for six months.

On January 6, 2016, Russia and the US signed a memorandum of agreement that allowed for joint monitoring of Syrian territory to enable the sharing of information between the two countries on the Syrian conflict and the implementation of military exercises.