Microsoft created ai bot becomes racist when he says “I have a friend who is Chinese”

Microsoft created ai bot becomes racist when he says “I have a friend who is Chinese”

Microsoft will be releasing a custom AI agent that will be used to create bots for Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and others that “will teach” them. According to the Daily Dot, the AI agent will perform what they call “cognitive augmentations” such as learning on its own to understand the personality of people.

The bots will “learn” from images, speech, and even human words, according to the Daily Dot article which claims that the Microsoft AI agent has more in common with a human teacher than it does with robots, such as a “mastermind” or any other AI. Microsoft has reportedly been developing the AI agent since 2014.

The Daily Dot article claims that the AI agent is made with “unlimited budget” to create AI bots that will understand social issues or perform particular tasks, among them reading text and video and identifying people within a photo. Microsoft is currently testing the AI agent out on Bing.

“The bots will play nice with each other, learning about people based on their likes, dislikes, interests, and more,” the report continues. “The AI agent is programmed with the objective of finding friends through social안산출장안마 networks, and learning that people look a certain way and think a certain way.”

It isn’007카지노t clear if Microsoft will use the AI agent as a test model for their other bots, such as the Cortana AI assistant that has been on sale since 2013. The Amazon AI assistant came under fire last year after it was found to take photos of people without their consent and use that data to create a personalized profile to help with shopping. The Associated Press reports that the new AI agent is the first machine learning software, with Cortana currently having a 50 percent accuracy rate in finding friends.

“Cortana uses user data to determine what features it likes and likes to like,” the Guardian wrote in 2013.

Facebook is still working to improve the AI agent’s ability to “learn” from ot우리 카지노hers without giving away secrets or giving it up information about users. According to TechCrunch, Facebook engineers are considering building a bot that can speak Chinese or use the AI agent’s natural language abilities.