Garrett grilled over gambling reforms

Garrett grilled over gambling reforms By MARTIN FERGUSON Chicago Tribune포커 The state Senate took action Monday to reduce the state’s gambling laws with bipartisan support, with several Senate Democrats pledging they would be ready to vote on changes to Illinois’ gambling laws when Gov. Bruce Rauner signs the legislation Friday. Senate President John Cullerton said that is unlikely and that the Democratic caucus has agreed to work with the Republican-led House on the legislation. The Senate took up the bill Sept. 7, adding two amendments by Sen. collier pour chien avec motif collierpascher6081 Jon Erpenbach that would exempt lottery tickets for minors. collier perle de lave Rauner could sign them this week. In addition, Senate President John Cullerton said the House GOP bill is not intended to reduce Illinois’ strict gambling laws and that no compromise has been reached. bracelet pierre jaune 718braceletpascher3741 But he suggested that it is화천출장샵 too early to determine how they would impact Illinois’ $1.6 billion, three-year casino proposal. “We are going to be ready to work with the governor on amendments to change the laws on Sunday, Sept. bracelet bresilien tresse 718braceletpascher461 29, in exchange for a better deal for families,” Cullerton said. elegante au collier de perles collierpascher10446 Senate Majority Leader Jim Durkin, D-Crown, said he believes Illinois lawmakers are focused on making “a better deal” for state taxpayers than reducing the state’s budget deficit. boucle doreille encre marine 718braceletpascher6092 “It is not my intention to change the law of the land,” he said. collier femme chapelet 720collierpascher7359 As he announced the Republican bill, Cullerton said his caucus made similar commitments. “I think we’ve made some commitments,” he said. “It’s premature to make a promise to the other side on anything.” Under the Senate bill, Illinois would have the highest gambling requirements for adults and minors in the nation. It would have casinos only in hotels, amusement arcades, bowling alleys and sports stadiums, with casinos in hotels only. In addition, it would give the state authority to restrict gaming at public amusement parks as long as they don’t provide rooms full of kids under 18. All four of those requirements would apply to all hotels, amusement arcades and sports stadiums, as well as strip malls and amusement parks where all of those businesses make up about 45 percent of their revenue. The new bill would change the law as a matter of business from a lottery proposal to allow gaming in public amusement parks and strip malls if there is a reasonable risk of violence and/or threats against property and life.

Israel to halt policy of demolishing militant homes in Al-Bureij refugee camp

Israel to halt policy of demolishing militant homes in Al-Bureij refugee camp

9 July 2013

Jerusalem – Israel’s government has approved plans to demolish dozens of homes, including those in homes used as shelter by Jewish settlers, in the occupied Palestinian territory of Jerusalem, the Foreign Ministry said today.

A statement issued at noon today said that an internal committee had been created to determine the options for demolishing the homes, and that the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) would continue to do so.

The decision was taken after several meetings chaired by the chief of staff, Major General Aviv Kochavi, on Sunday afternoon with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a statement read.

It added that plans for building the three new housing units in the West Bank housing projects were being worked on and that they could take place “within the next few weeks.”

The construction of the three housing projects has been condemned by the United Nations and led to a series of protests against Israel in the Palestinian territories.

Palestinian activists have claimed that Israeli plans for the homes were initiated under previous Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, who ordered them after Israel captured East Jerusalem in the 1967 Six Day war.

On Sunday, the UN Security Council condemned Israel’s demolitions in the territories, calling for them to stop and to a “full stop” when the United Nations considers Palestine as a state under international law.

A Palestinian official told the Reuters news agency that “more than 50” homes in the camp, located in East Jerusalem, were to be demolished under the plans and that “man구미출장샵y of the homes were already being demolished, including most of the military, educational and agricultural buildings.

The statement added that the military would continue to operate with a “zero tolerance” of terrorism in the camps.

Israeli police carried out the demolitions on July 10, which the Foreign Ministry called a “necessary response” to the incursions that had been ongoing in the West Bank and Jerusalem since April 17.

Israeli authorities had said in April that they would demolish over 840 homes, most of them in thCDC 철도청 카지노e Al-Bureij refugee camp, some 400 miles (700 km) north of the capital.

In January last year, the Israeli police demolished almost all of the Al-Bureij home of Palestinian activist Abed Rani, with authorities claiming there was “no other choice” than to destroy his homes.

Rani’s home in the camp was demolished in April, after the Israeli authorities refused to give a legal ba해운대출장샵si