Rapist jailed for teenagers terrifying ordeal

Rapist jailed for teenagers terrifying ordeal

They are among a group of 10 men and two women who admitted raping and sexually abusing two teenage boys in the mid 2000s.

As they are all serving more than 10 years in prison, each will be housed separately from the other g에스엠 카지노ang members.

The offenders will be closely monitored while they are in prison.

The six-strong gang began grooming the boys, aged between 14 and 17, while they were on the streets in the small town of Levenham, Northumberland, and were able to find them after breaking into a relative’s home.

The gang are led by Ian Stewart, 52, who also goes by Ian Liddle.

He was convicted of 14 rape and four indecent assault cases at Leeds Crown Court

Stewart is currently serving a 15-year prison term for eight indecent assault cases but this is likely to run concurrently with the 12 rapes he is currently serving in custody.

A sentencing hearing on October 7 is likely to discuss the length of the new terms and the likelihood of appeal.

The six-strong gang began grooming the boys aged between 14 and 17 after breaking into a relative’s home

He is seen in a mugshot taken in 2001 when he was only 19

A spokeswoman for the prison service said: ‘We cannot comment on specific cases but we have a responsibility to ensure every defendant is treated fairly.’

Stewart was jailed for 15 years for four indecent assault charges in 2002 but was paroled at the age of 21.

In October 2011, he was found guilty of 14 rapes and 14 rape conspiracy charges after a police investigation into the gang, which saw three men charged with sex crimes.

He was sentenced at Leeds Crown Court to 12 years in jail at the time of the trial for a total sentence of 15 years. He was later jailed for a further two and a half years for a fur바카라 사이트ther 12 charges against another man.

Following the discovery of the gang in December 2010, the trial judge told솔레어 카지노 Stewart: ‘Your victim was not just abused – it was systematically and systematically used by you against him in an attempt to gain sexual gratification – a sexual desire which you demonstrated with such frequency, so much so that your own sister, his wife, made an arrest.

‘You repeatedly told my sister you intended to engage in some sort of sexual relationship with this young man. You also told her you planned to make sexual advances towards this young man while you were in possession of a stolen knife and