Patton re signs with gws giants pic

Patton re signs with gws giants — Steve Smith (우리카지노@SteveSmith_7) November 9, 2015

Patton will continue to play for the Packers, but he has announced that he is retiring from professional football to focus full-time on his mission at God’s Love Ministries, an organization he founded to provide ministry for gay and lesbian teens.

With a family, two children and a faith that sees him as a model for every kid, it’s clear that Patton is no stranger to the NFL. In 2009, he appeared on the big screen in “The Pro Bowl.” In 2011, he was an early바카라 entrant in the Super Bowl and again in the 2012 edition, when he played for the New England Patriots. He played for two seasons for the New York Giants, appearing in one game for the team.

Here’s more on the Steelers’ final offe예스카지노nsive lineman: