Government trial to help anxious new mothers start baby shower

Government trial to help anxious new mothers start baby shower

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Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond and First Minister Nicola Sturgeon are launching the first ever campaign to help families start a baby shower with a video message encouraging mothers to’start your day by naming your newborn’.

The video, in which Salmond and Sturgeon explain how the tradition can help ease the stress of expecting a baby and encouraging mothers to name their newborn babies ‘Mama’, also features the new mum named ‘Kathryn’.

The ‘Mother’ segment, which will run on Friday, will be broadcast by the BBC and a press conference and reception on Saturday is also planned.

Salmond and Sturgeon announced the launch of the campaign on Monday, but did not announce who would be the first to take the ‘Mother’ title, suggesting those chosen would not be named.

The campaign, which will last for a week, is being run in support of the Births, Deaths and Marriages Bill, which was unveiled on Monday after Prime Minister David Cameron said it was important to promote the cause of having a family.

Cameron’s announcement prompted the Scottish Government to introduce legislation to allow people to name their children after the children that are born to their partners – regardless of whether they have children themselves.

The Bill, which will be debated this evening by the Scottish Parliament, allows pregnant woapronxmen to name their children after the children born to their partners who have two or more children.

A further £200 million was also allocated for the scheme on Monday, with the majority of money coming from the Scottish taxpayer.

Salmond, however, has been criticised for making the decision to promote the campaign.

The First Minister, a former health minister, said on Monday that ‘Mothers are important and necessary as they provide a sense of stability to a first born child and also give it a family to grow up with’ while he insisted the campaign would be in support of families, not mothers.

But the Scotti우리카지노sh Government said the video clip could be seen by more than 30 million viewers in the UK, making it the most-vie