High court reserves decision on sydney mall row to appeal

High court reserves decision on sydney mall row to appeal

* Two women were shot and killed at the mall in sydney on Tuesday evening, police said

* 2 people were killed and more injured in the shooting, including a police officer

* Some of the shootings in the Sydney suburb have attracted media attention

SYDNEY (Reuters) – A gunman opened fire on a shopping mall near Sydney’s historic waterfront on Tuesday after several victims were killed and another injured, authorities said, but there was no immediate claim of responsibility.

It was the first shooting at the crowded, suburban mall, a major tourist draw in the western Australian city’s northern suburbs, in more than a year.

The incident took place just after 7 p.m. (1700 GMT) in a parking lot outside the Sydney Galleria mall 바카라in the Central Business district. Police sources said two women in their 30s were killed and two others were wounded.

At least 18 police officers, two emergency ambulances and a federal police officer were also wounded. Four people remained in critical condition, three in a serious condition and one in fair condition.

The injured were later airlifted from the scene in a hospital, where they were being treated for gunshot wounds.

The shooting unfolded in a crowded area of the mall where many customers are shopping, said a local official who declined to be identified.

It had already been disrupted by an attack on a military recruitment centre and another on a shopping strip, and the gunman appeared to have left on foot after the two separate incidents.

“All the shoppers are sitting around at the mall,” he said. “When he came through, the whole mall was in chaos. Everyone was panicked and yelling and crying.”

Police officers and rescue workers carry an injured person after a shooting at the Sydney Galleria shopping mall, in Sydney, Australia, May 31, 2016. REUTERS/Peter Nicholls

Some witnesses said that after the first incident, the gunman approached a female bystander and then continued to shoot as others shouted and ran, calling out for help.

“I heard two shots fired and I see the woman standing here just outside the window trying to get out of the way, I could hear screaming,” said one witness.

“The police arrived and they pulled her out of the way.”

The gunman is not believed to be a part of the group that shot dead a teenager in a바카라사이트 mall in northern NSW in December after he shouted ”Allahu바카라사이트 akbar” during a