Indy team owner gore fined for unlicensed driving Copyright by KXAN – All rights reserved Video

Indy team owner gore fined for unlicensed driving Copyright by KXAN – All rights reserved Video

AUSTIN (KXAN) — A local law firm wants an Austin hotel owner to pay a $500 fine and two years in jail for his drunken driving, and will now be on the hot seat for not following proper safety guidelines.

The fine comes just days after Austin Police made news for the latest in a series of deadly drunk driving incidents involving young, white Austin residents.

Earlier this week, 20-year-old Matthew Korshynski’s death was linked to a drunken, reckless driving collision at an apartment complex in the 6800 block of South Lamar. The teen was hit by two vehicles and died hours later.

As for the current state of traffic safety in Austin, Korshynski’s death is a tragedy. And while there has been some positive change as the Austin City Council began to push for more training and enforcement for drivers while also creating a $400 million fund to fix our city’s traffic woes, the city is still more than 6,000 miles from completing the $17 billion capital improvement pl우리카지노an the council had promised voters in February. The final plan could be released by summer 2018.

The attorney for AISD’s law firm wants a judge to throw out the drunken driving charge and jail, and a federal judge wants to hear the case. He’s asking AISD to pay the damages to Korshynski’s father, but also needs the city to take safety precautions.

In the video below, video captured by the driver’s side of the vehicle on August 13, Austin police officers tell the driver to get out of the car while there’s still time. The video shows the driver go out front with a light on and head down Lamar toward the highway behind him.

This is the second time AISD has arrested Matthew Korshynski for driving while impaired, in December 2015 and August of last year. Austin police arrested him after arresting him for alcohol-dependence while working as an officer-involved-rescue call operator at a hospital in June. In both cases, the charges were dismissed. Matthew Korshynski is appealing his criminal charges.

In the video, the driver takes off 예스카지노his seatbelt and is still behind the wheel.바카라

The driver’s hand was in his rearview mirror during that incident, causing it to be visible to people watching from on top of the driver’s body. That’s because it’s the only part of his body that’