Pfa steps up fight for world cup pay equity for matildas

Pfa steps up fight for world cup pay equity for matildas

Kathmandu, Dec 5:

It’s time to step up our fight for wage equality in the world’s most popular game. In a meeting on Wednesday, the International Game Federation (IGF) is expected to approve a proposal to grant paid family leave for the matildas.

It should be a landmark step towards making India one of the top five countries that award equal pay for the working population to their spouses, civil servants and other domestic workers. It was only last month that the IGC passed the resolution, a year after that, demanding that women earn a minimum of 16.85% of men’s wages for household work. The proposal also needs a recommendation of the IGC in the matter더킹카지노 of equal pay.

The meeting took place in Geneva, Switzerland at the IGC headquarters, accompanied by representatives of India, the Philippines, South Africa, France, England, Germany and the United States. Among the other countries at the meeting, Pakistan is not expected to support the proposal, though India says it is considering it.

The panel discussed the issue of child labour. They discussed whether더킹카지노 women and child labour should be treated as separate groups for various purposes or should be considered as one and the same group. They also discussed whether it should be made easier for companies to recruit and fire staff. But most o카지노 사이트f all they discussed the issue of pay.

The IGC’s president, Tom Beyer, said “It is time for us to stop the war against women because women are here to stay.”

“This resolution is aimed at providing paid family leave and equal rights to their male counterparts on a national scale,” he added.

The discussion also mentioned that India is among the top five countries in the world that award paid family leave (in 2012), but it is not paid for full length maternity leave.

On Tuesday, the IGC had approved the gender-equality proposal at an urgent meeting. The panel is expected to approve the proposal soon. This comes after it was earlier defeated by Brazil at the IGC summit.

This is not the first time that the IGC has passed such a resolution. In 2010, the panel proposed paying female employees more as well.