Nurofen fined 6m for misleading consumer protection commissioner

Nurofen fined 6m for misl카지노 사이트eading consumer protection commissioner

Nurofen and its distributors have been fined nearly £15m for failing to tell consumers of their claims about drug-related side effects or their potential harm, it was announced on Wednesday.

The Department of Health ordered the drug, marketed as Nurofen Ozone, and the UK arm of its joint venture, Ozone Pharma, to pay £15m in penalties for their roles in the sale of dangerous drug Nurofen-containing products for prescription, but the fine does not include the costs the companies are facing for failing to comply with the regulation, which requires them to report all side effects on product labels to the National Health Service.

The health department said in a statement that the penalties were imposed “based on an assessment of Nurofen’s role in misleading consumers”. They우리카지노 could be increased or waived if Nurofen proves it has changed its sales practices “in the interim”.

The department said that although the fine was small, it was a “significant setback for a number of companies”, one of which is Ozone Pharma. The fine comes just months after the Department of Health ordered three major British pharmaceuticals, including the manufacturer of Nurofen, to pay £10m in compensation to patients who claimed their medicines caused them to get more seriously ill after taking them.

‘We have made tremendous progress to tackle Nurofen’s reputation’ – Theresa May Read more

In November, the NHS reported that 1.6 million people in England were prescribed Nurofen and its British-coloured versions for an unspecified “serious, potentially dangerous condition” between 2003 and 2014. The practice of selling so-called “cold-loading” drugs is known as cold-shipping, when a manufacturer sends a pack of medicines to a customer and waits for her to come in. Cold-loading is also known as “cathleoblastogen”, and some British-users claim it causes them to get more seriously ill. The department says Nurofen has been found to be one of the first drugs to “cold load” – the word is derived from the word “load” – and there is no scientific evidence of cold-loading or any link between a user’s reaction and their health.

The department said: “Nurofen’s cold-loading practice creates a dangerous r더킹카지노isk to patients with an unauthorised cold-loading process. If you do not have your personal doctor’s note prepared for the sale of cold-loaded drugs, or if your doctor ha

Nick kyrgios almost assured of australian open wildcard

Nick kyrgios almost assured of australian open wildcard

AUSTRALIA’S GIA Grand Finals champion, Magnus Carlsen, has revealed he will play the Australian Open semi-final in a draw at the Australian Open Grand Finals at The Hague, the first meeting of the two-time world champion’s opponents.

Carlsen, who is the only GIA Grand Finals winner to win in Europe and Asia s우리카지노ince 1992, had no further comment on the decision but said the players would continue working hard in preparation for the tournament.

“We’ve worked on the preparations really well and have been training more closely since the first event,” Carlsen said. “I don’t know if I will play again on the Grand Master list.

“I think after the Grand Masters match we will work hard to be better prepared than this tournament.

“We are not sure at this moment. The only difference is that Magnus plays at home, while I play on tour. Maybe we can play again in우리카지노 the future.”

Despite holding the GIA title in 2012, the Austrian has suffered through several disappointing years since then. Since 2009 the 33-year-old, in a bid to win back the GIA title once and for all, had failed to reach the quarter-final on five occasions, and he lost both finals he entered.

In his first competitive match of 2014, he lost the first game and fell behind against a young US-Australian opponent before moving to move on to draw a best-of-three.

In 2012 Carlsen advanced to the quarter-final of the Asian Open at the Kia World Golf Championships and this season he defeated China’s Xu Jun at the Singapore Open while finishing seventh in last year’s tournament.

He will again face the best-of-three draw at the Gia Grand Finals and with just two rounds left, there are four of the four remaining slots in the opening round of the semi-final on Sunday.

“We are looking forward to the clash between Magnus and myself,” said Peter Healy, one of Australia’s leading players.

“Both players have played very well since the start of the season in the Australian Open, and I am sure both of them더킹카지노 would love to go one on one. With two of us playing one match, it makes for exciting games, it’s going to be a great game.”