Councils consider merger possibilities

Councils consider merger possibilities

Some officials aren’t keen on the idea. Mayor Bill de Blasio wants more consultation — and perha바카라사이트ps some pressure from his supporters. De Blasio is likely to face opposition from more moderate members of the public who want to preserve the city’s status quo.

“That kind of change seems unlikely,” said Joseph Del Campo, executive director of the New York Association of Businesspeople. “There is not very many business people who have been around for 10, 20, 30 years who think the city should change itself — and I know Mayor de Blasio to be a leader who doesn’t believe in change.”

While some mayors oppose big sales on the grounds of public transportation and a need for more jobs, that’s not the view of Bill de Blasio. He sees the business case for a major sale for the CityBridge contract as more obvious and compelling, even though he has made a number of attempts to우리카지노 negotiate a bigger deal.

De Blasio and his fellow Democrats, who control both houses of the City Council, already have made it clear that the CityBridge deal might not go through, despite de Blasio’s own pleas to do so. He said Thursday that the timing of any vote would also be determined.

Business leaders aren’t convinced either. The group of more than 1,400 firms in New York City, which includes companies such as Verizon Communications Inc., Comcast Corp., Sprint Nextel Corp., AT&T Inc., UnitedHealth Group and Macy’s Inc., urged the federal government to delay any decision on approving the transaction.

“This is an important deal for New York City to complete with the CityBridge Group,” the group said. “It’s good for the economy, good for the people of the City and good for investors and developers. However, it requires action by the Obama Administration and Congress.”

CityBridge and other local companies won approval by persuading the federal government to set aside $3 billion from the Federal Transit Administration’s capital plan grant fund to cover the estimated $16.5 billion in total costs of construction of the tunnel.

The CityBridge deal would be the biggest of i카지노 사이트ts kind in US history, eclipsing deals by the Boston Redevelopment Authority and the New York Department of Transportation, whose proposed $60 billion Hudson Yards redevelopment is in the early stages.