Union accuses bhp of sparking three day strike across Uttar Pradesh

Union accuses bhp of sparking three day strike across Uttar Pradesh

The Congress today alleged that the bhp unit of the company which had recently signed contract with the government was engaging in violence in the name of selling the product. The Congress claimed that the company was threatening to lay off workers and not allow them work. The Congress alleged that the unit had refused to allow workers to work overtime.

The government’s decision has been greeted with anger from the workforce who claim that the company had forced them to work overtime for less than Rs. 5.

Union Minister Anand Sharma today accused bhp of stirring up a strike. He said, “What hap더킹카지노pened, which the management has been involved in is a huge mistake and has contributed to the crisis of the workers and has been killing their spirit. Now the union government is trying to find ways and means to remove this problem. We are all unhappy with what happened.”

Union Min우리카지노ister for Coal Sector Development Bishnu Rao has also said that bhp was planning to sell coal to the government for around Rs. 10,000 a우리카지노s per the existing price.

The bhp unit of bhajwal.com had last week signed a contract with the government for selling coal in October for Rs. 10,000 per unit. The agreement was agreed by the company and the government, which is the government’s procurement agency.