Uranium protest extended beyond the nuclear complex: It led to the protest of 200,000 other Iranians, most of them students

Uranium protest extended beyond the nuclear complex: It led to the protest of 200,000 other Iranians, most of them students.

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“If I am the one who will start a fire, I’m going to start it on a fire,” said Mohammad-Reza Moghadam, 22, standing beside a sign that says: 예스카지노“Don’t let the Americans destroy Iran,” in front of the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s residence.

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The students’ effort at organizing a peaceful sit-in is the latest in a long string of demonstrations over human rights violations in Iran and its nuclear program. The current demonstrations began about a month ago when Supreme Leader Khamenei issued a call for the formation of an international coalition to defend the country against “Western aggressors” from Iraq and Syria.

In October, after weeks of negotiations and a few small victories for the protesters, Iran announced that it would withdraw from the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, ending its nuclear program long assumed to be secure. This decision came two years after the United States severed diplomatic relations with the nation over its program.

That announcement sparked more protests in Iran, led by some of the country’s most radical Shiite groups. More than 40,000 people have been arrested, and police and the military have carried out some attacks, according to opposition reports. Iranian television has accused the United States of supplying arms to groups associated with terrorism, and th바카라사이트e United States denied the accusation and said only that it had withdrawn to “review the current situation.”

But Iran’s reaction has been generally restrained since. “I think there are lots of things which are going on,” said Arif Araqchi, a prominent journalist, in response to recent reports of new unrest in the country.

“The U.S. administration is saying that the only thing that we can do, the only thing that can change things is to change our policy,” he said. “And it i