Tasmanian hotels celebrate 13 year high in occupancy rates, numbers also rise

Tasmanian hotels celebrate 13 year high in occupancy rates, numbers also rise

New Zealanders are spending more money than ever and this is putting more pressure on Australia’s hotels.

New Zealanders spent $543 million on a standard room last year while Australians spent $890 million, according to a study by hotel consultant KPMG.

Auckland’s average hotel spend in 2012 was $711 and on the year averag더킹카지노e rent in Auckland rose 11 per cent to $2,897 a night.

The hotel industry was rocked last year by the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit the Japan’s northeast.

Auckland’s economy was hit hard and the worst was in the hospitality sector where 3,000 were temporarily displaced during the devastating tsunami.

Since then, the hotel industry has come back, in part thanks to the booming tourism market.

The latest KPMG figures show hotel occupancy rates in New Zealand rose 20 per cent from 2010 to 2012.

The average room in the country fell by예스카지노 26.4 per cent to 6,622 in the year to June.

New Zealand has long been renowned for the high level of hotel occupancy rates with more th우리카지노an four in five paying customers coming from overseas.

The average room price was about $2,095 last year while last year was the second lowest in recent years at $1,098.

KPMG Australia managing director Simon Smith said occupancy rates in Australia had improved since 2010 with many hotels closing, but there was concern about how many new hotel developments were getting built.

“Some of the growth seems to come from developments that are getting built and some of these new developments appear to have been funded through government funds or the property tax allowance,” Smith said.

KPMG’s latest data also shows Auckland’s rate of hotel occupancy fell slightly to 41 per cent during the year, compared to 45 per cent a year earlier.

The average room in Australia dropped 4.9 per cent to $7,897 last year, while the national average was $12,074.

But KPMG found hotel rates continued to increase.

The average Auckland hotel room went for $4,084 in June which was higher than $4,053 in all of last year.

The latest average hotel in Victoria, the Gold Coast, increased by 14.9 per cent to $1,812 a night.

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