Interview mushfiqur rahim

Interview mushfiqur rahim; khair qayyumu lajumatna taqeequmu muqatr; aqeequmu muqahamu shaykumu rahim.

It is clear that some scholars disagreed with this ruling; we do not need to delve deeper into the matter here to show that there are many other interpretations that are acceptable to certain schools. It can be easily proven that the opinion of this shaykum is that it is permissible to burn the shari’ah texts.

But does that mean that burning the shari’ah books is a mistake? No. The correct ruling is that the burning바카라 of the books of shari’ah by the people is not a mistake, it is actually an expression of their Islamic purity.

When a person reads shari’ah books, the entire faith of the people is reflected in his or her minds. They experience every single aspect of the religion without discrimination – it is a natural, natural experience that anyone experiences.

This is in sharp contrast to a situation in which people read verses about killing infidels that they have not encountered in their lifetime. One cannot feel any sense of alienation in reading verses such as:

Shaykh Umar bin Al Qasim: “For there has surely come to us a Messenger from your Lord, peace and blessing from your Lord, with the understanding of his (infidel’s) heart, and [with the] guidance of his (infidel’s) tongue” (al-Hajj 8:25).

Shaykh Umar bin Al Qasim: “We are the descend바카라ants of the Prophet (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) who preceded him, we seek his advice, and we strive with him in battle, we ask for the truth and seek for it from him” (al-Mumtah 9:8).

Shaykh Umar bin Al Qasim: “The enemy (i.e. those whom we do not fight on) are those whom we meet on earth; we look for them but seek the Lord and ask of him 바카라사이트what is right” (al-Hashr 23:35).

Shaykh Umar bin Al Qasim: “When the Messenger of Allah came to this people, they used to say, ‘May Allah bestow upon him’ or ‘May Allah punish him’ (and when they heard such statements, they use