Man pleads not guilty to grandparents’ murder

Man pleads not guilty to grandparents’ murder

In court Tuesday, an emotion-spooked Latham’s family pleaded not guilty to the charges, saying they couldn’t understand why anyone would kill his grandparents.

“This was just a senseless, heartless, unnecessary, unnecessary act,” his mother, Nancy Latham, said. “And for them to take it the way they did, it hurt a lot.”

In an interview with earlier this month, her daughter, Lisa, called the killing “just an act of pure insanity.” She said she and her son watched him run from the SUV as it approached his grandmother, who lived across the street from the front porch.

“We weren’t thinking of him, not with him in mind, and so this was just a moment where our hearts just collapsed,” she said.

In the video of the incident, which is also available online, the Jeep’s driver could be heard talking to a police officer before pulling away and pulling up into the driveway. The Jeep had the headlights off, and the driver remained inside the vehicle while it was stopped. Latham did not hear Latham shout for help.

The woman inside the Jeep was unharmed, but she suffered a gunshot wound to the chest, her family said. Police are still investigating a possible motive for the murder, which is suspected to be sexual assault.

Lisa Latham declined to comment to Wednesday, and her atto바카라사이트rney, James Phelan, said in an email that “the police investigation has so far identifi더킹카지노ed no cause for this apparent murder.”

“She is, understandably, overwhelmed by this loss,” Phelan said. “The young lady, along with her family, are truly devastated.”

Kills: Wife and three daughters killed in Ohio SUV crash

On Tuesday, family members described the young woman as being a victim of “a truly heinous act of terror.”

“These are three little girls who loved him so much and he made it his life’s mission to protect and care for them,” Nancy Latham said.

The truck was driving under Ohio State Highway Patro바카라l jurisdiction on Interstate 70 just south of Buckeye.

An accident involving a semi-truck in Ohio that left three people dead and four others wounded was the first fatal driver death in Ohio this year. Last month, 28-year-old Robert Lee Riggs was charged with vehicular homicide after he struck and killed a 69-year-old woman inside a hom