Tuvalu kiribati climate change and sea level rise

Tuvalu kiribati climate change and sea level rise.

Climate change: a fact and two beliefs

In late November 2012, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released its Fifth Assessment Report.

This report contains the most detailed summary of global climate change to date, showing the rate of change in surface temperature and the amount of carbon dioxide that has been released into the atmosphere. It also shows where the impact of climate change lies, including, most prominently, its impact on sea level rise.

In particular, the Fifth Assessment Report finds that while recent estimates of sea level rise were not very reliable (or for that matter accurate), that trend appears likely to continue. It is likely to accelerate, particularly if greenhouse gas emissions are doubled over the next decade.

For the time being, the IPCC considers it not feasible to predict with confidence when the seas are likely to rise and when they are unlikely to rise, because the Earth’s surface and oceans will continually absorb and reflect solar radiation. However, it does provide estimates for how these will change in the coming century. The latest IPCC projections estimate that if greenhouse gases remain at pre-industrial levels, global surface temperatures will rise an average of 1.8°C by the end of the 21st Century (the upper boundary for the average warming rate in the IPCC’s latest projections).

The effects of climate change on the weather will also change. The impacts of increased levels of carbon dioxide on global temperatu더킹카지노res will have a negative effect on rainfall, because higher levels of carbon dioxide are more likely to absorb the sun’s heat, warming the ground and sky. Therefore, the impact of global weather on our lives will increase.

The impact of sea level rise on the coasts, cities, and people wjarvees.comill increase as well. An ocean that is lower than sea level rise will raise sea level; an ocean that is higher than sea level rise will raise sea level. This will alter the shape of landforms, creating a higher risk that homes and buildings will be damaged by flooding.

The effects on local communities are still uncertain: in certain areas of the world, cities will have to build out, and some will have to become less seaward in order to survive (these will involve removing existing streets and bridges).

jarvees.comWhat effect climate change will have on people around the world and what people in specific communities will experience depends not only on which projections of global warming are correct but also which projections are true for a specific area or region, or how they are interpreted in particula