Possum pie on the menu at country victorian bistro

Possum pie on the menu at country victorian bistro. The food was fresh and the service great. The food comes to us with a bit of a pep talk. Afte바카라사이트r a couple of visits we decided we didn’t care anymore, and we decided to go back for dinner!

Warm welcome at bistro. I like it the way it is. We’ve gone 2 times and had a nice atmosphere. Definitely a good place to spend the weekend, and the staff is very friendly.

I must give 4 stars for the friendly folks at country victorian and the great service. The lunch special is really good too. The beef short rib, pork butt, and ribeye were all excellent! I ordered the duck confit and I am very glad I did!

I just came down for a quick bite from bistro in Santa Monica. I’m a little biased because it was right outside of the restaurants in my hometown, where I grew up. I was surprised how good the food and service was. Everything we ordered went fast! As if a buffet really needed to be a buffet. The ambiance is casual and cozy with plenty of space for you to sit. There is plenty of seating, too. They have an outdoor patio with a big deck. If the restaurant is not closed they sometimes have free pool nights (not that that is that terrible!) which I haven’t had yet since I went for the free pool. When we got there we were seated immediately upon checking in. There were many beautiful people here to greet you with a cup of coffee and some water. Our waitress said she didn’t know the name of the place but we would really recommend coming here for lunch, brunch, or an all day drink when you are coming to Santa Monica. The place is very clean and tidy and that is something you don’t see around the city. I think it’s worth coming here.

It would have to be my absolute favorite lunch spot in Santa Monica. I don’t know anyone else that actually enjoys their daily coffee. Well, we do here. The menu has a lot of options in the lunch options. So, if you a바카라사이트re in the neighborhood and don’t want to order coffee (or don’t like coffee), just come here for lunch 바카라사이트and don’t miss the sandwiches.

I’m not the most vocal about what I consider a great brunch spot, but I’ll admit the brunch is always a big deal here and is what I do when I’m craving the morning after drinks at the beach…I mean it’s breakfast before yo