Coffs harbour’s old courthouse sells for less than expected

Coffs harbour’s old courthouse sells for less than expected

Calls for closure: “My children do not have a place to go”

“People do not look out for you,” said the mother on Facebook

Police Chief James Moore said Wednesday morning that the district is currently in 용인안마a voluntary evacuation. He said officers in the district are assisting emergency personnel and that they would ask for the public’s patience during this emergency situation. He said residents may be advised to call 911.

The district began its evacuation at 6:45 this morning, after the town’s police department warned citizens that the courthouse was about to be demolished by water from a proposed dam.

On Sunday, the town voted to go through with demolition, said city and police officials.

The proposed dam would supply nearly 20 million gallons of water to the river each year for the next 15 years, said the city’s statement. Water from the dam, which would be pumped through a specially designed canal, would be stored by the town and diverted to a municipal storage pool in the city’s Seward park.

However, the city says the dam would still need to be c제천안마onstructed, which could lead to more than 500 closures in the next six years. Moore said he is hopeful council can reach an agreement by Tuesday to move the dam forward without any further delay.

Moore added, “I appreciate the concern expressed about the community during the public comment process, but we can and must proc포항출장안마eed with this, given the urgency of this. I encourage the public to use their voice.”

KPRC 2’s Kristina Gertsgaard contributed to this report

Man to front court over faking death claims

Man to front court over faking death claims

Mr Justice Willett says the decision was an unwise move by the trial judge who knew the case was before him.

He says the decision by Judge Dennison should have followed the advice he received on his initial appeal, but had been ignored by him.

He has written to the Crown Prosecution Service and Justice Secretary Chris Grayling to ask them to withdraw바카라 their cases against him.

“I have already been trea더킹카지노ted unfairly and must now take a judicial stand. I have been unju바카라사이트stly excluded from the system,” he said.

A spokeswoman for the CPS told BBC Wales: “No further comment would be made at this stage.