Water restrictions loom sydney dam levels drop in drought-prone south

Water restrictions loom sydney dam levels drop in drought-prone south

Drought fears have led to the closure of several south-western sites in Sydney and some towns along the coast, and forced hundreds of people to seek refuge elsewhere.

More than half a million people are affected in NSW and many others in regional Queensland and Victoria.

South-western communities along the NSW coast are already suffering from reduced water supplies, and there are fears they could suffer as much as half a million deaths as a result.

But many in South-West and the north-west are looking for alternatives to the crisis.

While the number of affected places will fall from approximately 400 to 30, an additional 120 are listed as “likely” to be affected, and have until Friday to respond to the emergency.

Damp conditions have left water rationing and water restrictions in place in many towns and places in the southern part of the state, but the number of affected areas can also change at any time.

While some people were looking at ways around water restrictions, others sought refuge in바카라사이트 places like Lend Lease and Fortitude Valley.

Sydney’s streets are still wet, but the rain has finally started to relent pic.twitter.com/cJvZ2nB3G6 — Sky News Australia (@SkyNewsAust) February 10, 2016

South-west communities have already been forced to leave their homes, with some locals fearing they could lose their livelihoods because of the ongoing water restrictions.

In Newcastle, the floodwaters swept in from a septic tank, the City of Newcastle told the Guardian. The city’s public order director told the newspaper that the city “will still be wet for the rest of the season”.

In Adelaide’s CBD, one group of people – a few dozen people – were forced to make their way to the nearby town of Coogee, about 40km north of Sydney.

In Brisbane, some 600 people were forced to retreat to the bush after their homes flooded – with the local police chief telling Radio Australia, “They’re not just here because there’s water. They’ve been warned to leave the area.”

Residents are urged to take바카라 shelter in the city of Brisbane우리카지노, as the city is being hit by a drought-like pattern. pic.twitter.com/tTkP4ZtZqh — Sky News Australia (@SkyNewsAust) February 10, 2016

Other parts of the state’s south have also been hit by severe