Police probe suspected arson attack on mid west brewery

Police probe suspected arson attack on mid west brewery

Authorities are investigating whether arson was the reason a fire started in one of the Chicago’s mid west’s most well-known beer breweries lat더킹카지노e Thursday night. Police said two suspects fled the scene of the burning. One of those suspects was also seen in the video holding a bottle of liquor and a bottle of liquid.

An 18-year-old male from Indiana was the suspect spotted driving down the highway 우리카지노after he spotted smoke coming from the building, according to Chicago Fire Department officers. When he pulled out his gun, he shot and killed two men after shooting one who was attempting to break through a fence. The suspects then ran to a nearby convenience store. They allegedly then began shooting a handgun, hitting a 23-year-old from Chicago. The 23-year-old and the victim, who was shot while standing on a bench nearby, were hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries.

Anyone with information about the incident was urged to call the Chicago Police Department.

BREAKING — Investigation into arson at midwest beer studio in Chicago https://t.co/w6MlO0JdOQ pic.twitter.com/H7DQ바카라사이트pKrNnX — WGN-TV (@NWGtv) September 1, 2017

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