Thousands comment on se qld plan to raise minimum wage in next few days

Thousands comment on se qld plan to raise minimum wage in next few days


Seoul says it wants to introduce a 10 per cent minimum wage by the end of 2017 and by 2020.

The country’s top job market minister said today that the government had set goals that would lead to a 1.8 per cent minimum wage rise by the middle of next year, or 10 per cent by 2020.

This would add up to an extra $1.26 billion to the GDP by 2020.

The move would boost the share of the national budget from a much lower 5 per cent to between 우리카지노14 and 17 per cent, or about a billion dollars.

“It’s very reasonable to look at this from a political point of view,” Mr Lee said.

“It’s a minimum wage target of $10 for a family of four, and this will be achieved through very well coordinated policies that will be implemented by local governments, which will be able to set their own rules on wages, with input from the employers.

“It would not be for the government to dictate to the markets what the rate of wages should be for particular groups of people.”

Mr Lee said the plan will work thro바카라ugh existing laws and regulations, inclunatyasastra.comding the Employment Standards Act and the Employment Equality Act, and would also be enforceable under existing labour laws.

It follows an interview last week in which Mr Lee was said to favour a one-time rise in the pay rate for workers who are working overtime or if they leave their job within three weeks.

Mr Lee said his intention was to establish a level playing field for both employers and employees.

“With the economy booming at the moment, and that is the current environment, I don’t think a one-time change in minimum wage could go unopposed in the next couple of months,” Mr Lee said.

“I think it’s important to ensure we maintain the environment in which we can have an open and competitive labour market which keeps growth in the economy in mind.”

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